Karin teaches courses in Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Education Research at the University of Michigan.

Current Courses

ENGR 100, Section 500: Intro to Engineering, Biotechnology and Human Values (fall) (2022-present)

Previous Courses

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

BIOE 202: Cell and Tissue Engineering Lab (fall and spring) (2015-2022)

BIOE 120: Introduction to Bioengineering (nonmajors section) (fall)

BIOE 199FCR: Frontiers in Cancer Research (Cancer Scholars Program) (2016-2018)

BIOE 298HIT: Healthcare Innovation and Translation (Cancer Scholars Program) (2016-2018)

ENG 198RSC: iEFX Research (2016-2018)

ENG 198: Undergraduate Research Lab Safety (biological safety instruction) (2016-2017)

BIOE 120: Introduction to Bioengineering (majors) (2015)

BIOE 360: Transport and Flow in Bioengineering (spring)

Course Resources

I am happy to share resources and course materials that I have developed for my courses and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues on designing innovative course materials and pedagogical studies. Please contact me if you are interested!